Monday, June 21, 2010

Who's Charlie?


Who's Charlie?? or what's Charlie?? Everyone must be
wondering why I'm mentioning about Charlie. Well, it's
actually a CAT!!!

"back off dude, i'm trying to sleep here!!"

He's adorable and furry. I call him the Stupid Cat btw because
of his coward-ness.He's got easily scared by something unusual
in the house or maybe some weird noises like the noise of the
vacuum cleaner. When i fed up on hisoise, i will reach to the
vacuum hose and point at him. He will purr easily and squat
down to show early sign of frustration.

Enough of the car bully. This damn cat is really pampered.
No matter where you go, or probably walk to the kitchen, he
will just follow you with its tail standing. Why? Because he
thought you might feed him!

*His tummy*

So you will probably think why Chinese would want to rear pets
like cat? That's easy, few years back then when it was just little.
My neighbor knocked my door and showed me a box. It was big
and i thought it was a fruit at first. But as i opened the cover, i
saw a tiny creature with grey and white fur with 2 huge eyes
staring at me. And so it was him, Charlie.
By the way, he is 6 years old i guess =P

*" wanna a piece of me?"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

~Keeping the Faith~

It was thursday, 17th of June 2010.

I was introduced to a friend, well i'm not gonna
disclose his/her name here(respect laaa), he/she
is a christian and you should christian is a very
fun religion although I'm not one of them, well
partially cause i believe in both religion( buddhist)
and oh, that's not wrong ok?

Back to the story,
where she brought me to one of her friend's gathering which they called the CELL group. I don know the meaning of it but it is specially for christian believer. The gathering was located at one of the member's rented house in Melati Utama, it was a nice location, facing the big swimming pool, felt like jumping from the building so that i can land straight to the pool XD
In the Cell group, they were cheerful, happy, merry and easy-going too. I was like a VIP to them, you know why? cause christian believer loves making new friends and thats why. I love making new friends too but it seems a little difficult eh.
Never bother that

During the period, they spent most of their time laughing, joking and praying using some kinds of Holy-words which i couldnt understand a single phrase at all but i believe those words from their mouth are to praise their Lord and to hope and wish for bless( wala....)

In between the session, they have exercise, not physical exercise homework kind of exercise, in the paper they distributed, written the Sermon Notes. I was what is it???
one of them said it's just from the bible and again i was like...OOKK.... lets get it started.
This goes the best part of the night cause guess what, each of them possess a bible!!!
wow..amazing....*not amazing on the bible, but amazing cause each of them has one while i was sitting down there helplessly......

And so, the exercise started
the question is, HOW DO WE KEEP FAITH?
it seems to be a tricky question for me but i believe in faith and faith awaits us, thats all.
Then, there are 5 phrases altogether in the paper given
  1. Dream
  2. Decision
  3. Delay
  4. Dead-end
  5. Deliverance
Interesting???? yes it is, CAUSE I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE *sob*
Let me explain roughly on each of them
In Dream, God gives us dream, an idea, a goal, a challenge, a promise, a desire, and ambition and nothing happens until somebody starts dreaming. Do you realize something? Almost all of us have dreams but we just couldn't realize there were one in us.

In Decision, a dream is worthless unless you choose to go for it. The moment of truth where you decide if you're going to lay it on the line, take the plunge and go for it. See the path yet? We need to move on with decisions unless we let ourselves down. In this earth, we make decisions in everything we do yeah everything i say. Even writing this blog is one of my decisions i made today. Remember this, we need to live with decisions and that decisions we made will change our life forever. So decide something nicely!!

In Delay, it is the beginning of sorrow,
everyone thinks delay is actually laziness but one thing for sure, GOD gave us delay because He needs us to have trust and faith in him. I feel u dude.....=)))

In dead end, is it the most painful ever. All of us have dead ends. It make us looked helpless. But actually, we get it all wrong...totally wrong. Dead-end is not about giving up, but to look up on him, our saviour, our hero, our Lord. Cause he needs us, so do we need him. So when we encounter dead-end, have no fear but to believe in him, and he shall lead you to the light.

Lastly in Deliverance, when God does a miracle, he provides the solution. Cause we believe in Him, thats why he gives us solution, or miracle. God won't let us down nor leaving us aside without looking back. He is the one who will change us, by giving us what we need no matter what, is just the matter of believing in him................

These are the lessons i learnt during the session. I felt relax actually XD

Apply these 5D's in your life and put trust in him and yourselves.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Ultimate question

In our life, we might not realize what's happening beyond our sight, or what's happening without our awareness. It's sometimes cool to think bout it, we are like studying something extreme to be exact.

People always ask WH questions like, what, how, when, who, why and the other person will just answer them. But what they are really asking, is what we know, within our knowledge capacity. But do you ever realize certain questions which everyone on earth could hardly crack their heads to answer it? For instance, i will ask
1) What is the height of jesus?
2) What is the name of the first human on earth?

or maybe some beyond our-knowledge questions, what created planets/galaxy?
It's interesting to know about if you ask me, and i would suggest these kind of educations should be taught in nowadays elementary schools. In such way, kids can be brought up as genius if they can answer these questions. Believe me, i want to know the truth too.

So what is the ultimate question? is it what geniuses could be able to answer it? or is it what none of us could answer it? So trying asking yourself again, what is the ultimate question of all? You can ask something which you want to know more about yourself, like your attitude, self-esteem or maybe why will you have addicted to sexual issue?

For me, i love asking questions, questions like is Jesus real? or is 2012 coming? Some say yes, well some say no. I would take this as an ultimate question as lots of article about the coming 2012 catastrophe(we better be prepared for that)

So folks, remember this article i wrote(maybe you are now thinking of the ultimate questions and began asking it already) keep it up, cause with the ultimate question in our brain, we can be venture the world and somehow, be geniuses of the world. Trust me, keep up the work :D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freddy's nightmare

Yesterday, on the 14th May 2010, went for a movie, along with my school's old pal, Nic Au, Chin Fei, Wai Hong, Melvin, Ze Wei, Suet Yee and Hui Woon,

Well, the movie? Nightmare on Elm Street, sounds kinda creepy eh? Yeap, this movie had really moved our nerves off and sooner or later, we're gonna be part of the characters in the movie too. Just kidding,

The movie is terrific, FANTASTIC and BOMBASTIC dude! On every part of the show, we will be prepared for gore shock right after the creepy sounds started. Well, the boys, were not that baby to pee in their pants in the middle of the show but for our friend, Suet Yee, she just closed her eyes thought nothing's gonna happen. Kinda funny to see her close her eyes with her two palms XD

Kinda regret actually, not mentioning the show, but the theater's popcorn. Well, there are combos price, price for the first combo is 5 bucks(something like that as i remembered) and RM6.70 for the second combo. Eventually, there are big difference for these two combos(in sizes) even though the prices couldn't be far apart both of them. GDI! What do we know, WE LEARN FROM MISTAKES and next time, be smart !! After the movie, we were like small kids, frightening each other about this MR.Freddy. Come on, we were just SMALL KIDS...:D, *lazy glare*....the show ended on 10++pm, so we had our late night dinner+supper at Mamak King..........weird name...... This mamak corner has been a place for night stalkers like us to have suppers, mostly.

thats for the day today, thanks for reading this post although it's a bit boring but hope you enjoy it. XD

Friday, May 14, 2010


today, may15 2010, am feeling a little depress, but i couldn't know what could have caused it.
Been thinking to much or what? Boy, firstly, I'm drunk now and hope you guys wouldn't blame me for being too disproportionate. Recently, i'm having depression and it is terrifying ya know. Oh wait, when i'm drunk, i can think of countless facts of us. Like, what makes a winner a winner or what makes a loser or a loser.
Well, my theory is.....
when a person successfully completed his path of objectives which most people couldn't realized, they will be a winner, understand what is it? cause you see, even some people which you think is a successor won't be like as you thought of, why? Different people have different characteristics, and that's part of the reason why i wrote this blog. Well, come to think of it, I felt ridiculous writing this blog. Cause I'm having an off depression, it came out all of a sudden. Like an ambush, in a middle of a party.
Hate to say this but I'm sick to be myself, people who felt hopeless or useless will come to think of this, and no one will never wake up that easily. Man I'm getting into it again, feeling giddy and to dejection.

Close blog( I'm drunk) (*.*)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Learn as you grow

Finally, i will no longer be hearing which chapters to study or which date the exam is cause now, it's finally over. Yeah guys, you hear it, O-V-E-R. Now i have finally managed pass the time of the exam. Recalled bout the past, when i was just tiny little nerd back in secondary school. I used to think that, if only i get rid of this exam fast, i will step to the higher level of education which is college. And i promised myself that, i will do well in exam. Now, in college, situation gone really smooth and "as you grow up, you will something"

Let's begin the story.

Have you every tried comparing a boy and an adult? Well, it's just simple, you can compare their ages, height(if necessary), thinking, and so whatever. Usually when you notice, a small young boy will be immature in their thinking while for an adult, they might get real in their ages. This shows the difference actually. Cause as a boy go through his life and experience, he learns something. And that something is what we should consider as living. We live to learn, and we learn to live. It will be beyond impossible seeing a person grows learning nothing right?

So what i'm trying to tell is, appreciate what we've learned. There are values we should plant inside us. The values, come from the morals we learned in our lifetime. When i was little, i used to think, how money comes from a person? This is what most of the young kids will think. Basically, we young kids wouldn't know much when young but as i told you already, "we learn as we grow". So every parent of children, have a very important role in their children's life. As parent, exposing something that will particularly to be considered as BAD thing will not only lead children to wrong lead but also to show them the worst of all. Encouraging is part of the role every parent should give to all of the children cause without encouraging, children will lose hope in what they do and what they think. So all of these, are just the starters of the journey of every children.

Parents actually contribute 50% of the help in motivating the children, the rest, is actually on the children themselves. They must not be dependent on everything around them. For instance, being social around is important as the children can develop their communication with people. Hobby, another important issue i should talk about, a little advice for every parents, ruining their children hobby or dream, it is just the same as destroying their personality. Every parent must encourageble in their children words and thinking. Parents must also reasonable in everything.

Just like me, I am Me and You(reading this blog) are you. We all learn as we grow and no matter what we do, be positive and don't give up. Don't lose your confidence and persevere what you have done. Cause what you do is based on what you think and what you think is based on what you experience.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rssolution after the exam finished

Days studying for the exam, please, i'd got enough already. Exam is making me go crazy!
A person can't just sit down reading and memorizing stuffs into their brain. it's beyond ridiculous.

So this is it, after the exam, that is on the wed(april 21st), i'm MOVIES!
yea movies, and there is an S behind it, which means lots of movies.
Hit me if i'm wrong, but i'm do watch til i got swotched!

Movie recommended?
yeap there is, i mean ARE

let me tell you all something, this show is way awesome!
the roles inside, includes international singers like Aniu, Angelica Lee Sum Kit, Gary Chaw, Fish Leong, Victor Wong, Nicholas teo and Penny Tai!! isn't that amazing? Movie with multiple famous actors and actress. It a must-watch movie wei........ ( for girls, please bring tissue along, strongly recommended)

Second!!, KICK-ASS®
dude, this show is killing me!!, the appeal of it, unexplainable!
well, i actually got attracted by the name , and i don't really know the full story of it. But trust me that this show, is gonna be a big hit ^^
here's the synopsis of Kick-Ass:
'Kick-Ass' tells the story of average teenager Dave Lizewski , a comic-book fanboy who decides to take his obsession as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. As any good superhero would, he chooses a new name -- Kick-Ass -- assembles a suit and mask to wear, and gets to work fighting crime. There's only one problem standing in his way: Kick-Ass has absolutely no superpowers.

His life is forever changed as he inspires a subculture of copy cats, meets up with a pair of crazed vigilantes -- including an 11-year-old sword-wielding dynamo, Hit Girl and her father, Big Daddy -- and forges a friendship with another fledgling superhero, Red Mist . But thanks to the scheming of a local mob boss Frank D'Amico, that new alliance will be put to the test.

pretty cool eh?

Finally, The movie which inspires me just like Dave, the character who got kidnapped by terrorists, the hero who self-made his the cave with his bare hands, and the one who made The Avengers a gogo, He is....IRON MAN!!!

(nice pose><)

well, it's actually IRON MAN 2, this time, with his buddy, rhodes aka War Machine
and one big villian of all, the whipsplash played by Mickey Rourke who got the Best Actor award in "The Wrestler(2008)
but i have bad news for you all, the HULK, is not gonna made any appearance in this movie, sad huh?
but nevermind, we will hear his roar anyway

alright guys, time to wrap it up already, gotta study now, can't wait to watch iron man wei!!!